"Spirituality is the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose, and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature, and to the significant or sacred."

This is the definition of spirituality agreed upon by leading experts in the health care community.


Why Is Spirituality Important?

Veterans and their family and friends have unique experiences as they cope with military service – whether it is deployment, its aftermath, or other issues. Feelings of guilt or grief can often lead to spiritual distress (which may or may not be grounded in religious belief or practice).

Spiritual distress is the disruption in your beliefs or value system. It can influence your thinking about the meaning of your illness, as well as affect you physically and emotionally. It affects your whole being – body, mind, and soul – as beliefs that were important to you are challenged.

Spirituality may help service members live with the often difficult challenges of serving in the military. Research shows that strong spiritual connections have a significant protective effect on the mental health of military personnel and their ability to cope with the impact of war.

Spiritual fitness provides an increased ability to face day-to-day stress, deepens your sense of purpose or meaning, and may reduce your sense of hopelessness.

As you explore your sense of spirituality or faith, you may find that you would like to talk with a chaplain. You can contact us through email, phone or video call through our service, Chat with a Chaplain.